See instructions below, then click a cemetery name to open that online directory/map.

On a smartphone, TOUCH AND HOLD, then tap the option to open in a new tab.

Getting Started on a Computer

To search for a name, click the magnifying glass icon (see the black square in the picture), and type part or all of the first or last name.

 For a more precise search, type the name in the format "Last, First".  To see a complete list of names, check the box by "Graves", then expand the list.

Searching for a Name/Grave

When searching, matching names will apear as you type. When you see the name you want, click it, or click "See all ? results."

This will provide you with a complete list of matching names. 

Finding The Grave

When you select a name, a photo of that gravestone (if available) will appear, along with the location highlighted on the map.

If you click on the photo, you can see any photos associated with this grave.  You can zoom in/out, or drag the map around to see the part of interest.

If you click the "directions" icon (see the black square in the picture), Google Maps will open with that grave marked by a red pin.

Google Maps / Print The Map?

In Google Maps, click the satellite image, then click the "hamburger" icon (top left of screen, black square in picture) to print the map. 

In the print window, you can use the controls under the "Print" button (top right of screen) to adjust the view of the map before printing. 

Or you can use a smartphone with GPS to lead you to the grave!  The rest of these instructions are centered on doing just that.

Saving / Sending A "Place"

If you're "signed in" to Google Maps (Google/Gmail accounts are free), you can save a "place" (or several places) or send it to your smartphone. 

To do this, right click on the center of the "bullseye" marked by the red pin and click "What's here?"  A small window with GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude) will appear--click on the coordinates, then click "Add a label" or "SEND TO YOUR PHONE" (use "Email to..." or "Text to..." so it's available later). 

To save/send another place, go back to the cemetery map, and repeat the process.  You can print the map with these place markers, or see them in the Google Maps app on your smartphone.

Contact: Chris Dauer for the Falun Cemetery

Contact: Rex Tjaden for the Salemsborg Cemetery

Contact: Kevin Pihl for the Smolan Cemetery