A Brief History of Salemsborg Lutheran Church
Compiled by Thomas N Holmquist

On June 16, 1869, the pioneers of the Smoky Valley met at the home of C.J. Brodine to discuss the question of organizing a congregation and building a church.   By unanimous vote,  a decision was made to organize and build a Sod Church. At that time, 160 acres of land on behlf of the new church were purchased from the railroad company at a cost of $400.

On June 24, 1869 the name Salemsberg  was adopted as the official name for the congregation.   A constitution was adopted on September 25, 1869 and on September 30 an official call was extened to Rev. A.W. Dahlsten to be the first pastor of Salemsberg. 

In early November of 1869 a 16'X20" building of stone was errected as the first parsonage. The first services were held in the new Sod church on November 29, 1869 . Pastor Dahlsten preached and the first Holy Communion was celebrated. 

Pastors who helped create and inspire the spirit of the congregation. 

Daughter Congregations
Falun Church ~ 1888 ~ Smolan Congregation ~ 1902

During the 19 years since Salemsborg was organized, 925 Lutheran adults had come to this valley comprising the three congregations.   In 1961 the Smolan Congregation merged with Salemsborg  Church.

On May 7, 1970, the Falun and Salemsborg Lutheran Churches agreed to become a two-point joint parish to be served by one pastor.  

Church Buildings

In 1873 the congregation had grown to 600, 300 of which were children.  A Frame Church, 60'X 35'  was completed in time for the Thanksgiving Day service in 1874.

In 1893 the cornerstone for the Spire Church was laid on May 3. When the Spire Church was built, it was such an imposing structure that the spelling of Salemsberg, which translated from Swedish means "Peaceful Mountain," was modified to Salemsborg, which means "Peaceful Fortress." The spelling remins to this day.

On July 25, 1925, the Spire Church was struck by lightening and destroyed by fire.  Under the kind direction of Pastor and Mrs. Erickson, our people united to build the present - Two Tower Church.  The cornerstone was laid on May 19, 1926. 

All Are Welcome

Some seven generations of people have worshipped in this place, the "Peaceful Fortress," this Salemsborg.  But more important is a new generation of young people yet unborn, to remember the pioneers, acknowledge the old folks and lead us into the future, worshipping God in this place.

So whomever you are, a seventh-generation member, or a guest on your first Sunday, we will grasp your hand with a welcome and a 'Peace be with you."